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If you’re local and looking for Cleveland piano lessons or piano lessons near Solon, Ohio, you’ve found the right place!  Dr. Melvin Arnoff, accomplished pianist, composer and professor of education offers private piano lessons in Cleveland’s east side communities of Beachwood, Bedford, Chagrin Falls, Solon, Woodmere and neighboring areas.

Few things in life are as rewarding as being able to play the piano. Whether it is a child just starting out, or an adult following a long held dream… the magic of music is a universal language that everyone can learn.


Cleveland Piano Lessons Customizes Each Lesson

Whether you are youngster or an adult, if you want to learn to play piano, you can!   Our private piano lessons are always customized for each individual.  For students with some physical limitations, Dr. Melvin Arnoff adapts music and modifies his private piano lessons as needed.

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced piano student, Dr. Arnoff’s private piano lessons, Cleveland’s best, will help you learn and enhance your piano skills.  Tailored to students’ musical preferences, from classical piano to popular, movie themes, musicals or jazz, our lessons inspire our students!  Moreover, if you already “play by ear,”  Dr. Arnoff supports and further strengthens this skill while building the other skills you’ll need to enhance your performance.


The Joy of Piano and the Cleveland Music Scene

Dr. Arnoff’s greatest joy comes from helping youngsters and adults bring out their musical talents and to build music reading skills.  Students learn that good music comes from classical composers as well as popular music, musicals, movie and television themes, folk music and jazz.

In Cleveland, piano lessons have a special place due to the presence of a world-class Cleveland Orchestra and equally prestigious conservatories such as the Cleveland Institute of Music, Oberlin and Baldwin Wallace College as well as the Cleveland International Piano Contest.

Indeed, private piano lessons are a gift that keeps on giving!  Students and adults can find joy in playing alone, or cooperatively with others who play the piano and other instruments.


Benefits of Private Piano Lessons with Dr. Melvin Arnoff

There are numerous benefits to learning music besides basic enjoyment.  Our private piano lessons are held in Solon, Ohio and teach discipline, boost confidence and encourage goal-setting, all while being a creative outlet.

Parents have found our Cleveland piano lessons not only improve their children’s memorization and motor skills, but help build their child’s self-confidence through goal setting and discipline. This self-confidence not only helps children succeed in music, but has translated into improved performance in school, sports and social situations.

Piano lessons are most gratifying for both children and adults when a musical milestone is reached; whether that is learning a new song, memorizing text, finally nailing that trill, or performing in front of others.  Many young adults will pick up an instrument for the first time since high school or college to regain their skills, while some simply want to learn something brand new.

Older adults find that our Cleveland piano lessons are a great way to stay mentally active.  Just like learning fingerings on a guitar, practicing scale patterns on a piano exercises the logical side of the brain. Studies have proven the therapeutic benefits of music keep the mind sharp while also preventing the onset of age-related health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.  Regardless of age, private piano lessons in Cleveland are a fun and exciting way to learn something new or continue something old.


Cleveland Piano Lessons (in Solon) and Programs

  • Pianists can start as early as age five, or when they are beginning to read.
  • Cleveland Piano Lessons, in Solon, Ohio, designs its programs to incorporate music theory, history and analysis into the study of each piece.
  • Supplemental material is tailored to student’s interests, including popular music, improvisation and composition.
  • Weekly reiteration of fundamental principles such as theory, scale and technique provide students with a solid understanding of music that enables them to grasp and appreciate it even more.
  • Cleveland Piano Lessons are offered in Solon, Ohio by an experienced and accomplished pianist, composer and choral conductor, Dr. Melvin Arnoff



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Private Piano Lessons Pay Off!


As we know at Cleveland Piano Lessons, quality private piano lessons have many advantages.  Based on cognitive research in the last decade, people have different learning styles.  Some are heavily right brained, some left, and some are bilateral.  Also students may learn best by listening or doing or writing or reading.  Some are concrete learners while others can deal with the abstract.  As an educator, Dr. Arnoff is aware of these differences in learning styles and takes them into consideration when providing private piano lessons in Solon Ohio.


Here is one example of how Dr. Arnoff individualizes private piano lessons.

One student came in playing music ‘by ear.’  And his playing was good.  But he could not read one note of music.  Dr. Arnoff realized that he could not put this student into a usual beginning music series because that would not be motivating to his student.  Since all private piano lessons are customized, Dr. Arnoff did several things:

1) worked with the student to write the first four measures of a piece that he was playing ‘by ear’:

2) created a ‘mystery melody’ by writing out the treble clef notes of a popular song and having the student identify it by learning to read the notes;

3) encouraged the student to create the bass clef accompaniment for this song;

4) taught the student the use of the I, IV, and V chords (music theory) to help him develop the accompaniment for this song.

Private piano lessons allow Dr. Arnoff to tailor all instruction to the individual learning styles of his student.

For more information on our private piano lessons in Solon Ohio, please contact us.


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How much practice is enough?

For a young begninning student, Dr. Arnoff slowly introduces elements to practice.  Sometimes the practice involves naming notes, figuring out words that notes can spell, writing notes on a staff, etc..  At first practice may only be 5 minutes three times a week.  But the student always keeps and brings to lessons a record of his or her weekly practice.  The object is for practice to become a routine and fun exercise that prepares a student for the next lesson

Depending on their developing skills, students are encouraged to practice no less than 60 minues per week to make mimimal progress.  But, experience has shown Dr. Arnoff that any practicing beyond the 60 minute minimum has virtually double value.  By that I mean, students who practice 90 minutes or more a week make amazing progress and quickly advance their skills.

How Young Can Children Start Taking Lessons

People may be surprised to know that some children as young as 5 years of age can enjoy and be successful taking piano lessons in Cleveland with Dr. Arnoff.  Of course factors such as attention span, innate interest in music and piano, frustration level and other factors must be considered when starting a very young piano student.


Many have found that acquiring and practicing musical skills builds a sense of confidence in children, as well as heighten their appreciation for the arts.  Moreover, learning a new skill is a discipline that will benefit the child when acquiring other new skills.


When you visit Cleveland Piano Lessons in Solon, Ohio, Dr. Arnoff will assess your child and, if the right set of factors is there, we will develop an individualized course of instruction designed for success.