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Dr. Melvin Arnoff of Cleveland Piano Lessons provides private piano lessons for young students (beginning at age 5), teenagers, and adults. Ohio. Students come, not only from Solon, but also Beachwood, Bedford, Maple Heights, Moreland Hills, and other neighboring communities.

Dr. Arnoff relates to students of all ages. He began as a K – 12 music teacher and, later served as a Professor at Kent State University’s College of Education.

He is fully engaged at each lesson so that students receive high-quality, individualized instruction.

Dr. Arnoff provides much positive feedback and, at the same time, pays close attention to correcting notes, rhythm, dynamics, and other details of piano performance.

Beginning and intermediate students receive basic structured instruction but also have opportunities to select popular or other supplementary music

At Cleveland Piano Lessons, we individualize instruction according to age, maturity, natural talent, passion to play piano, and level of previous training, if any.

At Cleveland Piano Lessons, we guide advanced piano students into the classic music literature that may include, Haydn, Bach, Beethoven, Bartok, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and others.

Dr. Arnoff is pleased to have attracted very talented students who advance to very high levels of performance. Many Cleveland Piano Lesson students come from families with a heritage from China, Korea, Iran, Japan, Nigeria, the Philippines, Turkey and several other cultures.

Private Piano Lessons

30, 45 or 60-minute sessions available

Solon studio with Young Chang baby grand piano

Make-up lessons available

  • Adult Lessons
    • Adult beginners to advanced students
    • Evening /  after work hours available
  • Lessons for Children (5 years and older)
    • Annual Piano Recital
    • Music that motivates learning including:
      • Movie Themes
      • Pop Songs
      • Classical Music
      • Hymns
      • Holiday Music
  • Parental Feedback
    • Verbal feedback on child progress
    • Suggestions to enhance home practice

For more information, contact Dr. Arnoff at 216-408-4495.

Cleveland Piano Lessons: Annual Student Recitals

Student Performing at Annual Recital

In the spring of each year, students perform at a student piano recital. A few months prior to the recital, each student, with Dr. Arnoff, selects the music s/he will perform at the recital. Dr. Arnoff progressively guides students to pay closer attention to the details of the music. This includes attention to pedaling, rhythm, dynamics, articulation (legato, portamento, staccato), and expression. Experience has shown that students want to do well at the recital and are more motivated to improve their skills and play at their highest level.

As the recital approaches, students invite their parents, relatives, and friends to attend the recital. Everyone looks forward toward the end of the recital as advanced students amaze the audience by their excellence in performing such works as a Bach two-part inventions or a movement of a Beethoven sonata. Dr. Arnoff says that, if students must learn new music, he must also. He performs at the end of the recital.

Cleveland Piano Lessons: Dr. Melvin Arnoff

  • Over 40 years of teaching experience
  • Actively performing at private and public events
  • Board Member of Cleveland Chamber Music Society
  • Degree in Music Education
  • Advanced degrees in Education
  • More information on Dr. Melvin Arnoff

For more information, contact Dr. Arnoff at 216-408-4495

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