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We offer exceptional, private piano lessons for kids in Cleveland Ohio. Piano teacher Dr. Mel Arnoff is not only a music professor and piano pro, he's a composer too.

Private Piano Lessons

As we know at Cleveland Piano Lessons, quality private piano lessons have many advantages.  Based on cognitive research in the last decade, people have different learning styles.  Some are heavily right brained, some left, and some are bilateral.  Also students may learn best by listening or doing or writing or reading.  Some are concrete learners …

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How Young Can Children Start Taking Lessons

cleveland piano lessons student

People may be surprised to know that some children as young as 5 years of age can enjoy and be successful taking piano lessons in Cleveland with Dr. Arnoff.  Of course factors such as attention span, innate interest in music and piano, frustration level and other factors must be considered when starting a very young …

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